• RHYE / Modular lead
  • RHYE / Modular lead
  • RHYE / Modular lead
  • RHYE / Modular lead
  • RHYE / Modular lead
  • RHYE / Modular lead
  • RHYE / Modular lead
  • RHYE / Modular lead
  • RHYE / Modular lead

RHYE / Modular lead

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The Rhye range of leads and handles are designed to be modular so that the handle can be detached from the lead piece, this allows you to mix and match colors and patterns to your Canem collars. The modular design also lets you change to different length leads, or even attach more than one lead to a handle.

The leather handle and lead pieces are made from Swedish “överfettet” vegetable tanned leather that has been completely immersed in vegetable fat, making it exceptionally resistant to the elements and incredibly hardwearing. This leather will not get stiff and dry in the cold or after a rainy day.

As with all Canem Studio products the RHYE range of leads and handles are made to order in our Norwegian workshop.


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Lead size is a real personal preference, however we do have some pointers:

Width: The RHYE lead is 1cm wide and suits dogs up to 15kg.

100 cm : Perfect for keeping your pup close to you (for example in the heavily trafficked city)

140 cm : The perfect middle ground and a good "go to" length for dogs of all sizes.

180 cm : A little more lead to play with and a bit more sniffing freedom for your pup.

(We usually recommend shorter leads for bigger breeds and longer leads for the smaller breeds for the simple reason that a smaller dog will naturally be closer to the ground and further away from your hand.)

Made of natural materials with a proven record of social and environmental responsibility

Manufacturing: Hand made in Norway.

Leather: 100% “överfettet” vegetable tanned leather from Swedish lifestock.

Hardware: Solid brass. Made in Germany

  • Natural materials
  • Made in Norway
  • Matching collars available
  • Made to order item. Ships in 10-14 business days