• Leather & Paw Balm 125ml

Leather & Paw Balm 125ml

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Yep, you heard right! - this balm is great for both your dogs’ paws and leather equipment!

The Tip-Top leather & paw balm is made in Hildesheim in Germany by a small family business. It’s a 100% natural product, and therefore completely free of toxins or chemicals.

On leather: Keeping your leather collars and leads saturated with fat makes them exceptionally resistant to the environment. Apply a thin layer after a cold or rainy day and your leather collars and leads will stay soft and nimble and last you a lifetime.

On paws: The balm provides relief for dry, cracked paws caused by harsh outdoor elements like ice, salt, or rough surfaces. The fat also keeps snow from sticking to the paws, thus preventing lumps of ice to build up between the toes on cold and snowy days.

On leather: Apply a thin layer of balm on your leather goods with the included sponge or even directly with your hands. Massage the balm gently into the leather, no hard rubbing or polishing is needed. After the balm is applied, water and dirt will ripple off. Never use leather fats on suede leather goods.

On paws: In cold, snowy, and icy conditions, apply a generous layer of balm to your dog’s paws before venturing out - this will prevent lumps of ice to build up between the toes. For dry and cracked paws or noses - gently massage the balm onto the skin, repeat as often as needed. The balm should not be used on open wounds.

Manufacturing: Made in Germany

Content: Coconut fat, beeswax, and Lanolin oil   

  • 100% natural product
  • Made in Germany
  • Chemical free
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