Joya & Sol

At Canem Studio, we believe that true quality is something that can withstand the test of time—in terms of aesthetics, materials, and craftsmanship. Our beloved ambassadors and product testers are key to creating functional and everlasting products, and we are very proud to introduce them!

Meet Joya and Sol, a tiny pack of two exploring the Moscow urban jungle – from streets, parks, and cafes to their favorite retreat inside their human Aleksandra’s jacket.

Sol the Italian Greyhound

Let's start with your little pack of two, what's urban life with two Iggys in Moscow like?

Joya and Sol are like those two birds which happily live together in their cozy nest, but they are also happy to escape from each other and explore the sky, the world, and the yard.

What I love most about Moscow is the plenty of green parks and forest areas, although traffic jams can make it much more difficult to access on weekdays. There is also a very large number of highly qualified specialists and a high level of veterinary medicine and service. Dog-friendly cafes are opening more and more often here, and going for a weekend brunch with a pup has become a pleasant and affordable ritual.

What feeds your passion for all things dog?

It seems to me that they are not just life companions, but real aliens like Alf from Melmac) who are able to change our vision and perception of the world and ourselves in it, our system of values for the better with their authenticity and ingenuousness.

Tell us about your favourite dog-related activity

I think it’s so exciting to travel the world with them. I love long walks, especially the kind where we get to explore foreign places. But the most frequent activity has been carrying them in my arms or under a winter jacket as Moscow can get really cold for little Iggys.

Joya and Sol

And last but definitely not least, what do you as an urban dog owner and designer look for in dog gear?

I don't like flashy accessories that are intentionally made to attract but those that often become the center of attention due to their conciseness and by serving the main goal - to be comfy for pets, functional and pleasant for the owners.